sábado, 19 de junio de 2010

coffee, enough background silence, computer, vacations, good room temperature...yep, blogging time. After 9 hectic months of intense work at school..vacation time is here. This is a mega pro of working in the school system! I really dont know how other people can bare with just 1 or 2 weeks off from work a year.

Having 2 free months gives you the perfect time to catch up on so many things that result impossible to do on such a tough schedule from August to May. For me, #1 on my list is getting a little more sleep in the mornings. Thats enough of a reward! Im not a morning person. And I doubt I´ll ever be, but I´ve been enduring mornings for more than a decade or two..and now that I think about it..this sacrifice has paid off! life´s good..cant complaint.

Traveling is another plus!..I had the opportunity of visiting NY (my first NY) and was totally flabbergasted by it! Now I understand all the music, books,tv shows, movies and stories linked to this city. I absolutely loved it! I probably should be writing a whole other entry about it. After NY I also visited the Sunshine State..shopping, eating, and doing different sort of entertainment we sadly dont have in Hon. as an xtra, I had an unplanned visit to Guatemala and El Salvador...very unexpected but not surprised by our forced trip through these countries.

Vak´s are also a wonderful time to catch up on your reading list, Im proud of having 2 books scratched off already!..the 3rd is in process...not so proud though, that none of them were masters related...:s

Theres so much to enjoy about having free time..you can actually have time to be creative, I can invest relaxed time to my clinic, have a life, blog a bit, drink more water, eat better, get to actually go to the gym..instead of just paying it...everyone out there working at a school understands!..this time is precious, longed and well deserved. Lets enjoy it!